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wordgirl tj botsford WordGirl wurde von Tim und Sally Botsford adoptiert, die ihr den Namen „Becky“ gaben. Gifted with flight, super-speed, and an expansive vocabulary, she uses her powers to fight crime along with her pet monkey, Captain HuggyFace, and teach WordGirl und Captain Huggy Face bekämpfen gemeinsam das Verbrechen. com TJ Botsford is a boy from WordGirl. Two-Brains, Camper #1, Clock Worker, Commercial Announcer, Contest Announcer Tim Botsford is a supporting character on the series WordGirl. J. She is a star of a series on PBS carrying her namesake. Unfortunately, the most extraordinary Botsford family member that Becky found was a paint inspector whose job was to literally watch paint dry. WordGirl Theme Song. Crazy-Prepared: WordGirl and Huggy have 999 different emergency plans. With Dannah Feinglass Phirman, Chris Parnell, Ryan Raddatz, Maria Bamford. Clark Kenting: She doesn't wear a mask or change her voice, yet no one connects Becky Botsford and WordGirl together. What Would WordGirl Do - Becky, Bob, TJ and Johnson are spending the day at the city water park right after Mrs. Bob Botsford, Becky's pet, whose actual identity is Huggy Face, a spaceship captain; TJ, Tim and Sally's biological son. A week of relaxation is very much needed, especially for a tired WordGirl! However, their plans get ruined when a big snowstorm cancels their flight. ) Wordgirl/Becky: I'm sorry Bob, but I read the rules and they said that no pets are allowed and technically, you're a pet. He's super excited about everything! Particularly, TJ idolizes WordGirl. Becky Botsford, Tim and Sally's adopted daughter who uses the alias "WordGirl". Mr. Botsford as Matt Mrs. As the kids follow Mrs. He is the adoptive father of Becky, husband of Sally Botsford and the biological father of TJ He is very supportive of his family and loves them very much. In fact, he's the president of The Official WordGirl Fan Club. WordGirl has super speed and strength as well as an expansive vocabulary. The show is an Affectionate Parody of the superhero genre and uses writers from sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live, plus actors known for ad-libbing ability, in hopes of making a show as entertaining for adults as it is Becky Botsford | WordGirl & Theodore "Tobey" McCallister III; Violet Heaslip/Todd "Scoops" Ming; Theodore "Tobey" McCallister III; Becky Botsford | WordGirl; Rex | Kid Math (WordGirl) Victoria Best; Tim Botsford; Sally Botsford; TJ Botsford; Eileen | The Birthday Girl (WordGirl) Dr. She is joined in her adventures by a monkey sidekick named Captain Huggy Face. T. By. The series stars WordGirl, a girl with superpowers whose secret identity is Becky Botsford, a student. Oct 05, 2021 · TJ Botsford (WordGirl) Published: 6 hours ago. 2 Favourites. 0 Comments. Aladar; Common Impala; Donald Trump; Zack Isaac Sanchez's Couples and Duos; Pedro Cavalcante Alves's Couples and Duos Her maiden name is unknown, she took on the name Sally Botsford when she married Tim. He is seen cooking several times in the show and was a fan of Raul Demiglasse before he found the top TV chef was really WordGirl was adopted and provided an alter ego by Tim and Sally Botsford, who gave her the name Becky. "WordGirl! My hero. She also enjoys unicorns. However, in the episode "WordGirl Makes a Mistake", while telling Mr. WordGirl (TV Series 2007–2021) Tom Kenny as Dr. The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords - Becky's class at school is having fun with their family tree projects and discovering the extraordinary accomplishments of their ancestors. Botsford and TJ she's WordGirl, she says the Botsfords found her in the woods with Huggy. Two-Brains (WordGirl) The Butcher (WordGirl) Victor Best WordGirl (season 8) WordGirl. (Monday morning, Becky is getting ready to start the 7th grade in her new school, while TJ is getting ready for the 4th grade in their old elementary school. smurfysmurf12345. The Botsford family keeps Captain Huggy Face as a pet, naming him Bob. Vote Now! 2 1 WordGirl goes on the case to stop him from cheating and speaking gibberish, but when Leslie activates another mind-control ray at the final judging of the contest for the best business on WordGirl, The Mayor, and Mrs. / After an anonymous source tips off WordGirl, Dr. He is voiced by one of the show's writers, Ryan Raddatz. Down with Word Up - The clever villain Granny May tricks the townspeople to turn against WordGirl - providing a cover for her latest crime spree. She battles villains in her hometown ranging from stealing cards from children to wiping out all sense/causing chaos. : TJ, I know how you feel. Von Hoosinghaus' prize poodle, Becky is eager to suit up as WordGirl and finally claim victory. First One to Win Wins - At the Botsford house, TJ has turned everything into an impossible competition, causing Becky to grow more and more frustrated every time she loses. WordGirl enriches young audiences’ vocabulary, closes the gap for those who don’t grow up in language-rich environments, instills a love of language, and fosters better reading comprehension. They don't believe her. Disguised as mild-mannered fifth grader, Becky Botsford, WordGirl possesses superhero strength with the added benefit of a colossal vocabulary. Big Jan 23, 2021 · Is WordGirl adopted? WordGirl was adopted and provided an alter ego by Tim and Sally Botsford, who gave her the name Becky. 31 Views. Little do they know, their WordGirl is a hero from PBS Kids Go with her sidekick, Captain Huggy Face. WordGirl is an animated television show on PBS. Two Brains smells a rat and his name is Hal Hardbargain! Dec 29, 2017 · 00:01:00. Botsford, it is up to Captain Huggyface to save them. TJ is Becky's 7-year-old brother and the biological son of Tim and Sally Botsford. WordGirl: Created by Jack Ferraiolo, Dorothea Gillim. While in her alter ego, she has a younger brother, TJ, obsessed with WordGirl, but still unknowingly a typical sibling rival to Becky. Botsford's strange-smelling traditional family recipe. J. WordGirl is the adopted big sister you just love to torment, Becky Botsford, and you were betrayed by her from this revelation. Disguised as mild-mannered 5th grader, Becky Botsford, WordGirl arrived on planet Earth when she and her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, crashed their spaceship. Her true name is Becky Botsford The titular character is a superheroine whose superpowers include flying at the speed of sound, super hearing, super strength, and a featuring Becky Botsford/WordGirl, Captain Huggy Face, Violet Heaslip, Tim Botsford, Sally Botsford, TJ Botsford; more Characters Chuck The Nice Pencil-Selling Guy There have not yet been any votes for "Chuck The Nice Pencil-Selling Guy". her origin story. Part 2: Seventh Grade. I do not own the character. Two Brains, TJ Botsford, Warden, Dr. Two-Brains as Hacker Jan 26, 2021 · The show's premise follows the titular character, WordGirl, an alien super-hero that was raised by an average family on Earth under the name Becky Botsford, completely oblivious to her origin. Though he for the most part appears to be a normal human, in The Good, The Bad, And The Chucky during a game of hide and seek with Becky and Violet, he exhibits See full list on wordgirl. Botsford as Inez TJ as Digit Cat as Buzz Invisi-Bill as Delete Dr. . Big decides to give all the citizens of the City a yo-yo to make up for the many times he tricked them and stole from them. Watch. He grew up to love and idolize WordGirl, and would always support her even if the rest of the city didn't, as shown in the episodes "Down with Word Up" and "Two-Brains Forgets". TJ Bostford was born to Tim and Sally sometime after they found Becky. Als Studentin Becky Botsford hat sie einen jüngeren Bruder, TJ, der von WordGirl besessen ist, aber dennoch unwissentlich ein typischer Geschwisterrivale für Becky ist. This was made using an app On the official WordGirl website, it used to state on WordGirl's profile that when she was an infant, she was found on the Botsford's front steps reading their newspaper. Becky Botsford as Jackie Mr. (season 8) WordGirl is an American animated television series produced by the Soup2Nuts animation unit of Scholastic Entertainment for PBS Kids. History. Her original name, if any, is unknown. WordGirl follows the everyday life and superhero adventures of WordGirl as she fights crime and enriches vocabulary usage. Botsford and T. Botsford to the bank, the grocery, everywhere but the water park, TJ and Johnson amuse themselves by imagining what WordGirl would do if a villain were to suddenly appear. It is unclear what his initials stand for. WordGirl must save the town and turn public opinion back to her side. Vocab words: Gibberish, Brilliant Main villain(s): Mr. Botsford finishes her seemingly unending list of errands. Satirical yet educational animated series about a young girl who is secretly the superhero Wordgirl, armed with superhuman strength, abilities, and a skilled vocabulary. Botsford decides theyâ€ôre going to make the best of it by having a tropical(ish) vacation inside their own house! WG must decide which is a bigger threat to the city - Chuck's crimes, or Mr. She is the adopted daughter of Sally Botsford and Tim Botsford, who later had a biological son named TJ Botsford, Becky's adopted little WordGirl is an animated series that follows the every day life and superhero adventures of “WordGirl” as she fights crime and enriches vocabulary usage, all Wordgirl Goes to Middle School. This causes him to stop throwing all the WordGirl stuff in his pockets as a moth-shaped emblem appeared on his face) H. Little do they know, their The Botsford Family is excited for their big, tropical vacation. However, when the Butcher breaks out of jail, Becky realizes that her But when WordGirl's trusty sidekick joins forces with the Butcher, will WordGirl be able to save the day - and help her father win the big trophy? / Big is Botsford's Boss: Mr. In classic superhero form, WordGirl possesses superhero strength with the added benefit of a colossal vocabulary. and Mrs. TJ plays for a baseball team whose mascot is an octopus. Feb 06, 2009 · Becky Botsford, an alien from the planet Lexicon, is the adopted daughter of Tim & Sally Botsford, loving parents of their biological son, TJ, WordGirl 's biggest fan (though neither he, nor his parents know that Becky and the superheroine WordGirl are one in the same). In "WordGirl Makes a Mistake," Becky tells both Mr. M. " TJ to WordGirl T. Botsford is the biological son of Tim and Sally Botsford and Becky's adoptive little brother. Botsford leave Becky to babysit TJ so they can celebrate their anniversary at a local ice cream parlor. When the Butcher steals Mrs. fandom. Oct 31, 2017 · (Akuma flies to TJ and it possesses the WordGirl cube. The title character is a superhero who fights crime with her powers of literacy as well as her powers as a Flying Brick. Little do they know, their Feb 05, 2019 · Becky Botsford, better known as WordGirl, is the human name of the alien creature from the planet Lexicon, who came to earth to be known as WordGirl. wordgirl tj botsford

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